2016 Chilton Chamber meetings

1/27/16    5:30 PM          Annual Meeting           Cheers
3/02/16    5:30 PM          Monthly Meeting          Best Western
4/06/16    5:30 PM          Monthly Meeting          New Hope Center
5/04/16  Noon                 Monthly Meeting         Hickory Hills
6/01/16  5:30 PM            Monthly Meeting         Pla-Mor Lanes
9/07/16    Noon               Monthly Meeting         Seven Angels
10/5/16 5:30 PM             Monthly Meeting        Hilde’s Bakery/Deli
11/2/16 Noon                  Monthly Meeting        Neighborhood Pub
12/14/16   6:30 PM         Monthly/Election Meeting  Roepke’s Village Inn
Election Meeting

All members are invited to attend any of our monthly meeting and events.         Reservations can be made by calling, chamber secretary, Tammy Pethan at         418-1650 or emailing to info@chiltonchamber.com.   Please visit our website at www.chiltonchamber.com to access the agenda and minutes one week prior to the meeting date.