December Meeting

The next meeting of the Chilton Chamber of Commerce will be on Wed. Dec. 13, 6:30 PM at Roepkes. 

Download "agenda-monthly.pdf"

2017 Chilton Chamber meetings

Meeting Schedule

1/25/17    5:30 PM         Annual Meeting                   Cheers
3/01/17    Noon             Monthly Meeting                 FVTC
4/05/17    5:30 PM        Monthly Meeting    Premier Financial  CU
5/03/17  5:30 PM          Monthly Meeting    Chilton High School
6/07/17  Noon               Monthly Meeting               Lupita’s
9/06/17 6:30 PM           Monthly Meeting      Ethel’s Pub & Grill
10/4/17 6:30 PM           Monthly Meeting      Wieting Funeral Home
11/1/17 Noon               Monthly Meeting        Rowland’s Brewery
12/13/17   6:30 PM      Monthly/Election Meeting       Roepke’s
All members are invited to attend any of our monthly meeting and events. Reservations can be made by calling, chamber secretary, Tammy Pethan at 418-1650 or emailing to   Please visit our website at to access the agenda and minutes one week prior to the meeting date.