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As you want it to appear on your membership plaque.

For Chamber communications only - not public.
For Chamber communications only - not public.
Format: 555-555-5555
For Chamber communications only - not public.

Format: 555-555-5555
Format: 555-555-5555

Public e-mail address.
If you don't have a website, feel free to use your Facebook Page URL.

Not required for home-based businesses.
City, WI, Zipcode
Only required when the mailing address is different from the business's street address.

Please include name and title, separated by a semi-colon. (Limit of 2)
Example: Jane Doe, Owner; John Doe, Manager

Appears on the website Home page when yours is a Featured Business (annually).
Maximum of 250 characters.

Appears in the website Business Directory and in the printed Chilton Community Directory.
Maximum of 600 characters.

Business Categories(Required)
Please select the category(ies) that best fit your business (limit 3).
Selections are subject to approval by the Chamber Membership Committee.

Primary Category for Printed Community Directory
You selected more than one category. Please indicate which one(s) you want your business listed under in the printed Community Directory. Annual Chamber membership includes one category in the printed Directory. Additional categories (up to 2 additional) are $50 each. There is no charge for listing your business under additional categories (up to 2) on the Chamber website.