Count your Blessings!

“Count your Blessings!”

How many of us have heard this very phrase from either our Parents or our Grandparents? Perhaps when we heard those words of wisdom, we really did not truly appreciate just exactly what they were trying to tell us. Well, if the past year and a half has not been a test of that old time phrase, it would be hard to find a time in recent years that has. Some days, it may have felt that if it weren’t for the bad news, we would have had no news at all. With our day to day lives seemingly filled with constant negativity, it would seem to be difficult to find those Blessings. But surprisingly, if you give it some honest thought and take a closer look, those blessings may be more abundant than you think. Especially in our small, closely knit community. Here’s how a local Chilton resident puts it:

“I woke up today…Healthy. Definitely a blessing!”

“I went to work today at a job that I truly love with people that are like my family.”

“And along the way, I continue to be greeted by friends with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.”

Those blessings have also proved to be abundant in our Local Business community. Nearly every business in Chilton has remained open during this challenging time by being creative and making adjustments in the way they did business. We adapted and we survived! New businesses continue to make Chilton their home. All of our Community events such as our Summer Festival, Father’s Day Parade, and Crafty Apple Fest went on as planned and the Community came out in huge numbers to support us. There is indeed Life and Happiness in our little part of the world and those blessings are indeed abundant. None of these successes could have been made possible without the support, cooperation, and loyalty that our community has shown to our local businesses. Sometimes, those Blessings are closer than we realize. We could never have survived this storm without you. On Behalf of all of the members of the Chilton Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank you for your past, present, and future support. May your lives continue to be filled with many Blessings.

We said it in 2021, and we will continue to say it in 2022. We got this! Be well and stay strong. Our community needs each other.

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